“As dark as I am,

I will always

find enough light

to adore you to pieces,

with all of my pieces.”

― Johnny Nguyen

When your friend tags you in a random facebook post of a really awesome halloween themed photoshoot saying that she’s wanting to model for something like this… and you’ve been dying for some creative freedom.

Magic. Happens.

Honestly, this shoot was thrown together in the last few weeks. Thankfully, because I don’t think I could have waited much longer to post these pictures! Loreal and Hunter had full creative freedom with outfits and make up, so they get full credit on that part. And they freaking killed it! They put together the perfect outfits. Loreal put together the best jewelry pieces and did both of their make up. The smoke bombs came in on time. All of the stars aligned and I’m so in love with the way these turned out. I’m incredibly thankful for talented and beautiful friends that help keep my creative heart happy!

Happy Halloween, y’all! Stay weird.