When Hannah and I were discussing places to do their engagement session, she brought up Darren's family land in Clinton and asked if that would be okay. UM yes! Ok, I don't remember exactly how I answered her, but that's how it went in my head. Family land is always, ALWAYS okay. Whether it's sentimental land to you or not, it's always refreshing and something unique. 

     So, we met in Clinton. I was welcomed by a herd of puppies, it was the best. We stepped over (and probably in) cow manure every two seconds. But man, it was so beautiful that I didn't even mind. Hannah and Darren were lovely together. They were up for any sweet and crazy prompt I gave them. And patiently waited for me to get my thoughts together when I was trying to be creative. We shot until the sun went down. I'm pretty sure I would have had them running around all night had we not ran out of sunlight. Seriously, how does one look so perfect while running??

    I can't wait to document these two on their wedding day this December. It's definitely going to be one for the books!