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How We Spent Our Halloween Night ― Baton Rouge State Fair

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How We Spent Our Halloween Night ― Baton Rouge State Fair

     I remember being pregnant with Beau during Halloween in 2014. We had just announced our pregnancy to the world. I dreamt of all the costume options I'd dress him up in for the next year. A fox, a deer, a raccoon. I had a little woodland obsession, if you can't tell. His first Halloween! It'd be SO MUCH FUN. Fast forward a year, I found the cutest little monster costume at a resale shop here in Baton Rouge. Couldn't pass it up for the $7 I paid for it. We weren't even going trick or treating, but I had to dress him up anyways. 

     He. Hated. It. He screamed and cried as I put that costume on him. At only 6 months old, he already hated Halloween. It's okay, I thought. Maybe next year. 2016 Halloween rolls around- this year will be better! I bought a little police man costume for him. We had plans to go trunk or treat in St. Francisville since he was still young and our neighborhood doesn't hand out candy. Once again, at a year and a half old he hated dressing up. We ended up playing on the slide for the night after walking around and collecting some candy (that I'm pretty sure we never even let him eat). 


     And then there's this year. Halloween 2017. Third time is a charm, right? Not for this mama. My neighbor let me borrow her sons old tball costume and I planned on dressing up as a softball player. The Saturday before Halloween we ventured out to Boo at the Zoo. Once again, my now two and a half year old thought the world was ending when I tried to dress him up. He just was NOT having it. So, he went to the zoo in normal clothes (still resembling a ball player, in his 3/4 length tshirt and striped sweats) and mama' dressed up still. Which was a disaster. Typical toddler fits and fun times! 

     So. This year we decided to boycott Halloween and go to the state fair with Mamaw. It. Was. Awesome. The fair was nearly empty. He got to do some trick or treating thanks to the workers, get on rides with no wait lines, hang out in the petting zoo area, watch a few pig races (and win some oreo's because his pig won!). He fearlessly got on a kid rollercoaster and quickly found out he hated it. We played bumper cars, fished for duckies, threw some balls and darts. It was the best Halloween yet. I still have hopes for next years trick or treating. But if it doesn't work out, we'll still make new memories. 

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01.2017  ― My personal work


01.2017 ― My personal work

I started the year off with the full intention of completing a 365 project. 

What is a 365 project? Simply a project where you take one photo a day, mostly of your every day life so that you can look back at these precious memories and see how you've improved as a photographer. 

Sounds fun and easy, right? Well it probably is for some people. I actually did very well in January with pictures. But here I am in June, knowing that each month that passed by I struggled a little more to pick up my camera each day. I love taking pictures, I do. But some days I take hundreds for another family and I come home wanting a little space from my camera. 

I'm not completely quitting. I still plan to take pictures and document these everyday moments of ours- some days. I still plan to take the camera along on adventures. But I don't want the pressure of having to do it day after day. I mean, if I'm being honest here I already had my 365 pictures in the first month. That's embarrassing.... 

It's funny how this project taught me a huge lesson already. I found myself spending well over 30 minutes trying to find the perfect picture for that day. Which made me take a hundred pictures of basically the same thing. After a few months, I learned the art of not over shooting. Well, most days at least. 

Anyways. I'll be posting my personal work here. Maybe monthly, maybe weekly. We'll see how it turns out. As you see, I can't put pressure on myself. I cave too easily. So follow along if you like seeing pictures of my bub, our dogs, and occasionally me. After all, Beau is the reason I fell back into this passion of mine <3